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Our Rates

To your door in an hour

Our minimum charge is for the first hour period that we attend to site and thereafter all charges are at half hourly intervals, in addition to cost of materials.

Electrical Rates

  • Electrical
    Standard rate
    Premium rate
  • Callout
    ¬£35.00 / ¬Ĺhr
    ¬£45.00 / ¬Ĺhr
  • Day Rate

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

Formerly known as Periodic Inspection Report (PIR)

  • Property
  • 1 Bedroom Property
  • 2 Bedroom Property
  • 3 Bedroom Property
  • 4 Bedroom Property
  • 5 Bedroom Property

If we complete the work well within the first hour then we will happily advise you and fix any other concerns, as long as they don't exceed the hour.

All material and labour charges are exclusive of vat and this will be added at a rate of 20% to the total cost.

All materials are charged separately and we strive for the best prices for all products while at the same time sourcing the materials as locally as possible to reduce delays in completing the works in hand.

Although we carry an extensive range of materials, we cannot stock for all eventualities, in cases where we do have to source materials we will call local suppliers, if it is not possible to source materials locally and it is determined that the time to pick up is excessive, we will either arrange to return at a later date or advise the customer so that they can make an informed decision as to the most cost effective solution to their problem.

We charge an additional handling fee for all materials at 10%, but because we expect the best prices from our suppliers our customers find that this more than off sets the handling charge.

We have never charged when we are called out for an estimate, our estimators will discuss with you all of your options and have an extensive knowledge of many types of installation, we seek to advise you on the best specification for all budgets and our work is to the highest standards.

Upon completion of the work our engineer will supply you with an invoice clearly highlighting all labour and material costs.

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