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Emergency Electrician Call Out

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Lights are flickering

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Commercial & Domestic

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Emergency Electrician London provides high quality electrical services in Central London as well as North Surrey and areas within M25 motorway. We are competitively priced and regard efficiency and reliability as prime goals. The company ethos is to provide the highest standards in the quality of workmanship, safety and to deliver total satisfaction to all of our clients thus forging lasting business relationships.

All of our London electricians are friendly, highly skilled and have many years of experience in trade; they can undertake a variety of work with confidence. They are also certified and fully qualified to the 17th edition of BS7671 the electrical regulations, and are required to keep up to date with changes in the regulations and improvements in technology.

Have an Emergency

Don't hesitate, we aim to have our emergency electrician at your doorstep within one hour.

Remember: electricity can be dangerous. Overheated cables can start fires. Do not try to push the breaker "up" when it keeps tripping- it is a fault somewhere down the line which caused it to disconnect the supply.

Don't risk your own safety as well as of the other occupants of the property.

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Electrical Repairs

All electrical installations deteriorate over time due to many factors.

Emergency Electrician London's electricians will fix it for you with such little hassle that you will wonder what fuss was all about.

On arrival our electrician will consult with the tenant to ascertain the nature of the fault and will follow this by making a visual inspection looking for signs of wear and tear, mechanical damage to cables or accessories or signs of overheating or corrosion. If this does not reveal the cause of the problem further tests will be carried out.

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