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Emergency Lighting

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Emergency Lighting in London

Emergency lighting provides illumination to enable safe movement of people along the  escape routes so that they can exit the building in emergency situations.

Emergency lighting automatically activates in situations when the power to the general purpose lighting fails.

All properties where the public have access to, or where significant number of people are employed are required by law to provide such systems and ensure that they are suitably maintained and regularly tested.

The importance of reliability and effectiveness of emergency lighting systems requires that the design, installation and testing is carried out by a fully qualified and experienced test engineer.

We provide our clients with solutions suitable to their needs for emergency lighting which would conform to all the relevant regulations.

Our expert in this field engineers will:

  • conduct site survey at your convenience
  • recommend the most suitable solutions
  • provide complete design of emergency lighting system
  • carry out installation in a hassle-free manner
  • provide all corresponding test certificates and documentation

For existing emergency lighting installations we can provide maintenance, advice and regular service and testing to ensure its functionality at all times.

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