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Emergency Call Out

To your door in an hour

Emergency Electrician Call Out London

We aim to have our emergency electrician at your doorstep within one hour.

Electrical faults can develop over time or in a split second. But they are almost always at the most inconvenient of times.

You know its time to call our London based emergency electrician when:

  • Your lights are flickering
  • Circuit breakers are tripping
  • Switches or plugs feel warm
  • There is crackling noise coming from switches or sockets
  • You can smell overheated bakelite

Be safe:-  call our experienced staff who will assess the situation and can provide immediate advice, while our emergency call out electricians will try to reach you within an hour if you are located in London area.

Remember: – electricity can be dangerous. Overheated cables can start fire. Do not try to push the breaker “up” when it keeps tripping- it is a fault somewhere down the line which caused it to disconnect the supply.

DonÂ’t risk your own safety as well as of the other occupants of the property. 

All electrical work is undertaken by approved emergency callout electricians and complies with the current regulations and on completion of the works you will be provided with relevant certificates.

Subject to the London call out areas only, availability of the electrician at the time of call and traffic conditions

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