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Door Entry & Access Control Systems London

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Door Entry & Access Control Systems

Giving access only to those that should have access.

Door entry and access control systems have come a long way since their inception.

As technology has developed and cheaper components have come on the market so these technologies have been utilised by manufacturers.

Access control systems incorporating both audio and video are common place now, in the past the cost of these devices would have put most people off.

New technologies have been developed that add extra levels of security and flexibility to access control, these include:

  • Audio remote access
  • Swipe cards
  • Proximity cards and key fob
  • Video entry
  • Biometric measurement

With the introduction of access control swipe cards and proximity cards/key fob systems, those responsible for the security of buildings were given more control over who had access and at what times they were given access.

These systems also allowed for logging of all entries and exits that are made, to and from the premises that they are protecting. Your needs may be for a simple standalone system to add a level of security to your property.


More ambitious system like:

  • Access to a multiple occupancy residency
  • Gated security entrance & garage parking facility
  • Communication from a reception area to multiple remote entrances

Whatever your needs we are sure that we can provide you with the best solution for all of your security worries.

If you are having problems with your existing door entry or access control system then give us a call for a solution to meet your budget.

Whether for your home or office, big or small, commercial or residential, we can provide the installation to suit your access control needs.

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